Better Late- greetings, loved ones.

Well, we aimed to start this blog about 2 months ago when our travels began… but as you would have guessed, we procrastinated a bit. So the first few posts we’ll be playing catch up. We have now been in Doha, Qatar with the Tompkins family for a couple weeks now. Before this we were in Portland for a month then San Fransisco for a week, Dubai for one hour and here we are. We are here for one more week and then we head off to Bali, Indonesia for a month.

We hope that this blog will serve as an avenue for us to share all of our trials and tribulations … or perhaps just some photos of our travels with you guys.





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3 responses to “Better Late- greetings, loved ones.

  1. Hey Guys!
    I had no idea you were traveling so much. Is it for work or fun? Hope marriage is awesome!
    Kate and Mike

  2. Man, hopefully it’s not ALL trials & tribulations, surely celebrations as well!

  3. Aunt Barbara Uncle Tom

    We are so happy to hear from you.. We love and miss you B Aunt Barbara and Uncle Tom..Fill us in on the things you are doing in the world.xoxo

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