We happy few

After an amazing month in Portland, we headed down to San Francisco for the week. First we met up with our dear friends Colin [best man in our wedding], Keslie and Nicole who drove up from Long Beach for the weekend. We had tons of fun exploring the city. Colin is from the area so he played guide. He took us to great food, sites, thrift stores and wine tasting.

we found this graffitied in an alley somewhere in the city.

Keslie and Nicole


After the weekend with Colin, Kes and Nicole my brother, Gifford, flew in from London where he had been doing an acting workshop/trip and my sister, Tricia drove up from LA… Now for the real reason we were up in San Francisco. Giff [my brother] is a senior in high school over in Doha, Qatar [where my family lives for those who didn’t know]. This means that he was in the midst of college applications. We were meeting Giff in SF to chauffeur him around to theatre department auditions. The highlight of this was his Julliard auditions.

Giff had to prepare two monologues [1 classic, 1 modern] plus two standbys and a song for the audition. About 72 hours before the audition, Giff decides that he doesn’t like the classic monologue he has had memorized since his sophomore year and he and Trevor work on new ideas. They decide on the St. Crispin’s Day speech in Shakespeare’s, Henry V…which if you’ve ever read, it’s not exactly the easiest thing in the world to memorize plus it’s twice the length of his other monologue. Up until the night before the audition, Giff is stumbling over his lines…T, Trev and I are sweating.

We wake up the morning of the audition, Giff performs the monologue and kills it. Off to the audition where there are tons of kids, all very Julliard and studious looking. I’m instantly intimidated so I can’t even imagine what Giff was feeling. Giff was almost the last person to audition.

Tricia and I waiting waiting waiting.

3 hours later, the results are in… Out of all the kids from the open auditions that day, only 5 people got called back [4 girls, 1 guy]

Giff was the one guy 🙂

Needless to say, we were all pretty insanely proud and very excited. After this round of open auditions [thousands audition across the states], Julliard narrows it down to 40 who then audition in NY and then a final 18 students make it. Giff made the wait-list, which means of all the thousands that applied, he was in the top 50 considered for Julliard. Pretty cool.

The whole week was awesome, just having fun the 4 of us and exploring SF. It was also so good to have time with my sweet sister [who i miss terribly] before leaving the states.

Trev and Giff

Giff, the night before the audition

Tricia, on our way to the audition

Sorry for making this so long… for those of you who made it to this point of the post, thanks for reading. Next post, Doha.


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One response to “We happy few

  1. Kayli

    Trev and Kass, we miss you so very much. We think of you often, pray for you, and love you. We also REALLY enjoy reading these posts 🙂 Keep them coming.

    Love, D and K

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